Vulnerability Management Services

Providing 24/7 surveillance for your IT network with IT vulnerability and patch management services

Vulnerability management services are the business world’s version of a military reconnaissance mission. G6 observes and protects your IT environment, including networks, web applications, servers, and cloud infrastructure, to detect and neutralize threats.

Protect Your Assets With Continuous Vulnerability Management

Cybercrime continues to be the number one threat to the business world. As the world continues to become increasingly digitized, opportunities grow for hackers to infiltrate your systems. At G6, we provide 24/7 vulnerability and patch management services to stand guard against those trying to steal your data and penetrate your IT stack.

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Security incident event management (SIEM) and security operations center (SOC) are enhanced vulnerability management services that more frequently scan, detect, and respond to potential IT threats. When you partner with G6, our managed SIEM and SOC services compile data from your entire IT network for our specialists to expose. Our incident response reports immediately expose suspicious actions and activity, including:

  • Unsuccessful login attempts
  • Blocked devices
  • New user registration
  • New device registration

Though most of these incidents come back as false positives, our managed SIEM and SOC services provide immediate tactical solutions when an actual security incident is detected.

Benefits of Managed

When you choose G6 for your managed SIEM and SOC services, you experience numerous advantages compared to taking on the tasks yourself.

  • Reduced hardware, infrastructure, and operating costs
  • Reduced response time to incidents
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced reporting, data collecting, and analysis
  • Minimized financial impact of breaches
  • Proactive real-time monitoring
  • Increased threat intelligence and recognition
  • Timely software updates and patches

Dark Web

G6’s dark web scans routinely search for references to your business and customer data not typically accessible via regular search engine use. Stolen business data is often found on the dark web for sale by cybercriminals to profit off of. G6’s dark web monitoring locates references to you and your customer’s data, including:

  • Your domain
  • Email addresses
  • Mailing lists
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Passwords

Your Partner In The Trenches

G6 entrenches itself in your business to defend the borders of your IT network. However, our vulnerability management services go beyond keeping your business safe from intrusion. Reach out today to find out more about our vulnerability assessment services.

Supplementing Your Vulnerability Management Services

G6’s vulnerability assessment services systematically review your information systems to locate weaknesses and easily infiltrated entry points. We evaluate and strategically quantify each identified vulnerability to prioritize necessary remediation and mitigation actions. Vulnerability scanning works as a check and balance to ensure our remediation efforts were successful.

To further bolster your defenses against network breaches and customer identity theft, we also offer security awareness training, endpoint management, and email security solutions. So when you choose G6’s managed security services, you have an ally in the IT battlefield.

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    Compliance Services

    Are you struggling to meet strict industry standards and regulations? Find out how G6’s compliance services relieve you of that burden and allow you to focus on your daily operations.

Mission Command: Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re looking for IT support, cybersecurity, infrastructure, or cloud management, the marching order for every member of the G6 platoon is to supply you with a superior customer experience. We strive to provide you with everything you need to make your IT an afterthought.

We are proud of our 98% customer satisfaction survey score. However, we want to do more than collect fees for services rendered. We want to build long-term partnerships that help our clients grow, and we back that claim with a 90%+ client retention rate.

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