Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Find out where your organization is exposed and mitigate security risks

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It’s Scary to Not Know What You Don’t Know

  • Are you worried about your current cybersecurity posture?
  • Does staying on top of compliance feel overwhelming?
  • Do you know where your security vulnerabilities are?

Get peace of mind with a vulnerability assessment from our team of experts. 

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

No matter how effectively you reduce your cybersecurity risk, cybercriminals are proactively working on ways to infiltrate your network. To stay ahead, you should undergo routine vulnerability assessments. Our risk assessments provide a critical review of any weaknesses in your operating, web application and data storage systems. 

Once gaps are detected, we can help close them and keep you in compliance.  

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There’s Nothing Better Than Knowing Better

G6 offers multiple types of cybersecurity risk assessments to uncover security weaknesses effectively.
Depending on the needs of your organization, we perform:

  • Host assessments to evaluate your critical servers.
  • Wireless and network security assessments to measure your security posture against unauthorized access to private and public networks and resources.
  • Evaluations of your data system environments.
  • Application assessments that provide vulnerability analysis of your web applications and source code.

The "Make IT Manageable" Plan

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