Our Process

Look for time-tested processes as you compare IT support companies

The founders of G6 served our country as proud members of the United States Marine Corps. During their service, they became entrenched in the core tenet of Marine leadership known as BAMCIS. We follow this proven process to provide our clients with the best in managed IT services. While many IT support companies struggle with inefficient practices, G6's BAMCIS approach guarantees a streamlined and successful experience.

Our IT-Adapted BAMCIS Process

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    Begin the Planning

    Our partnership begins with a conversation to learn about your business needs.

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    Arrange for Reconnaissance

    After gathering information, G6's specialists begin preparing for the risk assessment.

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    Make Reconnaissance

    G6 assesses your current technologies, security controls, cloud applications, and completes vulnerability and penetration testing on your environment.

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    Complete the Plan

    G6 analyzes the results, presents our plan of action, and explains how our approach leads to mission success.

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    Issue the Order

    Once you’ve given us our marching orders, G6 executes the plan.

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    G6's managed IT services become your partner in the trenches, handling your IT needs.

Why Choose G6?

Beyond our BAMCIS process, we strive to help our clients by giving you peace of mind, dedication to your business, and offering customized solutions. 

We know IT can cause a headache for a lot of business owners, from cyber attacks to computer malfunctions we have you covered. G6 IT proactively maintains your systems,  and monitors your network to prevent issues before they disrupt your business. 

Unlike other IT support companies, we are dedicated to your business and the success we can help you achieve. We have a dedicated team of IT professionals here to support you 24/7/365. 

We also offer customized solutions, we know your business is unlike any other. We can tailor your services to your specific needs and budget, ensuring you have the right level of IT support.

The "Make IT Manageable" Plan

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    Get customizable, professional, reliable managed IT services

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    Benefit from our BAMCIS process

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    Experience military precision in your IT support