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Why choose G6 IT to be your managed service provider?

At G6, every member of our team has been trained to be accountable, responsive and disciplined, making us experts in serving our clients.

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Get IT Done Right

We hate to hear about organizations in the Fort Wayne area that feel stuck with unresponsive IT support or service providers that oversell and under-deliver. G6 IT takes a different approach. How can you be sure? Ask our current clients or contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your current technology environment. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference in our commitment to service.

Proud of Our Partners

G6 partners with the tech industry’s most trusted brands including industry-leading cybersecurity, hardware, software, encryption, cloud and network technology solutions providers.

These partnerships allow us to procure customized information technology solutions for our valued clients. We remain brand agnostic, meaning we only help you choose the solutions that best fit your business requirements and budget.

Technology is Everywhere In Your Organization

If you treat IT like an afterthought, you could jeopardize the health of your entire organization. By not working with a knowledgeable managed service provider, you could risk falling behind, decreased productivity and exposure to cyber threats.

Extend the capabilities of your team and thrive with G6 IT.

The "Make IT Manageable" Plan

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    Get customizable, professional, reliable managed IT services

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    Benefit from our BAMCIS process

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    Experience military precision in your IT support