Industries We Serve: Expert Company IT Support

We provide company IT support for all sizes in various industries.

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Customized Company IT Solutions for any industry

We know no two companies are alike, which is why our company IT support services are fully customized to your unique business. Whether we fully manage your entire IT infrastructure or help you remain compliant with industry regulations, there is a perfect plan for your company. 


As a veteran-owned business, we pride ourselves on being a supportive, disciplined team committed to serving our clients with the best IT support for companies. We know IT issues do not just happen during business hours, that’s why we always have an IT professional available to help 24/7/365.

Industries We Serve

Our IT professionals have vast knowledge in many industries including:

We are committed to providing reliable, tactical and strategic company IT support for these industries and many others.

IT Solutions for Government - G6IT

Government IT Services

Cybersecurity is a priority for any government agency, contractor or municipality. Your organization holds onto a lot of sensitive information, and our priority is to ensure that data’s safety. Beyond setting up best-in-class cybersecurity protocols, we constantly monitor your network and maintain your infrastructure so your data remains secure. 

Construction IT Services

With your team spread across multiple project locations and your home office, you need cloud solutions that work for you. Our company IT support services can deliver you customized solutions for the cloud or VPN, whether you want to access blueprints on site or in the office. 

IT Services for Construction - G6IT
Industrial IT Services - G6IT

Industrial IT Services

IT issues can halt production, costing you time and money. As your reliable IT partner, we can help you resolve issues quickly and effectively. We can come on site or help you from afar to reduce frustrating downtimes due to IT issues. 

Don’t Let IT Struggles Feel Like an Uphill Battle

  • Are you overwhelmed with IT needs and daily tech firefighting?
  • Does the thought of cyber attacks keep you up at night?
  • Are you unsure how to keep up with cutting-edge technology?

If you nodded along to any of these, G6 IT’s support is the right solution for you.

Let Us Help Future-Proof Your Business

No matter the size of your company, IT support is needed to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you are a company of 10 that needs fully managed IT services, an enterprise that needs project help or any size in between, our IT services are fully customizable to your needs.

IT Solutions for Government Rely on Experience

Small Business

Up to 10 employees, with no IT support on staff.  

Cyber Security Services Company Fast Response Team

Mid-Sized Business

From 10 to 100 employees with little to no company IT support on staff. Mid-sized businesses may need fully managed IT or to support their staff. 

IT Solutions for Government Serve Citizens

Enterprise Business

Organizations with 100 or more employees and a full IT department that may need help with gaps in resources or support on extra projects.

The "Make IT Manageable" Plan

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