Endpoint and Cloud Security

Adapt to changing requirements safely and easily with cloud-based endpoint security

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    Be protected with threat detection

  • Cloud Endpoint Patch icon

    Receive continuous updates and patches

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    Reduce infrastructure costs

Secure Your Devices and Data

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    Antivirus and Anti-Malware Deployment

    We help detect and remove malicious software

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    Firewall Configuration

    Control incoming and outgoing network traffic to prevent unauthorized access

  • Cloud Endpoint Encryption icon

    Endpoint Encryption

    We protect data stored on endpoints to prevent unauthorized access in case of theft or loss

  • Cloud Endpoint Patch Management icon

    Patch Management

    Protect against known vulnerabilities with regular monitoring, patching and updating

  • Cloud Endpoint Intrusion icon

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    We monitor your network traffic for suspicious activity and block potential threats

Staying Secure in a “Work From Anywhere” World

  • Do you worry about employees losing company-owned devices?
  • Is it a challenge to stay on top of software patch management?
  • Could intruders be accessing your network right now without you knowing about it?

Get peace of mind with cloud-based endpoint security from the G6 team of experts.

Simplify, Scale and Streamline

With today’s work environment, you can’t keep all your employees’ devices corralled in one central office network. As device use becomes more complex, it’s critical to stay on top of best cybersecurity practices.

With endpoint security services from G6 IT, you can rest assured that your systems are consistently monitored, regularly updated and thoughtfully integrated so your organization can flourish.

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Manage and Secure Your Network Endpoints the Right Way

Organizations of all sizes are looking to cloud-based endpoint security to reduce complexity and risk while improving scalability and productivity. Your business can take advantage of:

  • Centralized management from a single console.
  • Improved performance over on-premises solutions.
  • Continuous updates to protect your network from the latest threats.
  • The flexibility and accessibility your forward-thinking organization deserves.

The "Make IT Manageable" Plan

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    Get customizable, professional, reliable managed IT services

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    Benefit from our BAMCIS process

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    Experience military precision in your IT support