Azure Cloud

Providing tactical Microsoft Azure managed services including consulting, migration and integration

Tactical Azure Cloud Implementation

Cloud technology is more than a growing trend in the business world. Today, cloud-based applications and platforms serve as the IT infrastructure that transformed the ways businesses across all industries operate. G6’s Azure cloud implementation services streamline your processes, expand your capabilities, and provide the ability to create powerful cloud apps.

Azure is a subscription-based cloud platform and online portal that gives you access to all of Microsoft’s resources. To harness the power of the Azure platform, you need an internet connection and a wealth of information technology components. Or you can rely on G6’s tactical managed cloud services and Azure consulting to deliver industry-leading application solutions without taking on the financial burden of new equipment and staff.

An Arsenal of Knowledge for Azure Consulting

Being aware of the Azure cloud capabilities and choosing the services most beneficial to you are very different. G6’s Azure consulting services include planning, designing, and deploying the most effective Azure cloud solutions for your business. Our consulting incorporates migration and implementation and provides clear explanations of Azure cloud functions and opportunities.

G6’s Azure cloud consulting also helps ensure secure, reliable content delivery by guiding you through the enhanced security and compliance features available via Azure cloud.

A Stockpile of Azure Services

G6’s managed services allow your business to mitigate challenges and exceed operational objectives through the use of over 20 services, including:

  • Computing
  • Data backup, storage, and recovery
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Integration
  • Security

Dependable Azure Support

G6 offers Azure support plans to provide essential real-time troubleshooting assistance for instances in the cloud. No matter what problems you’re facing, G6 is there to help any time of the day. Our Azure support includes:

  • Email support
  • Application support
  • Phone support
  • Data recovery

Your Partner In The Trenches

Learning, implementing, and using a cloud platform new to your organization can be overwhelming. With G6 dug in by your side, you have a partner invested in your success. To find out more about our Azure cloud services and consulting, reach out today.

Azure Cloud and Cybersecurity

Public clouds have a reputation for being less secure than hybrid and private cloud platforms. To combat that, Microsoft has implemented several cybersecurity controls to monitor, detect, and prevent harmful breaches.

G6 knows that with the ever-present threat of cybercriminals accessing your network, you can never be too safe. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity services, including:

  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Assistance
  • Email Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • SOC/SIEM Services
  • Endpoint Management
  • Data Backup and Recovery Services backup icon

    Data Backup and Recovery

    If a cybersecurity event or unplanned disaster affects your business, you need to access your data as quickly as possible. G6’s data backup and recovery services help prevent business downtime and keep you up and running.

Combining Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365

If you already subscribe to Microsoft 365, then you have access to Azure services. 365 runs Azure Active Directory to manage user identities and enables G6 to integrate your on-premise domain services by synchronizing accounts and passwords. You can even implement single sign-on authentication for the most simplified user experience.

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