Network Infrastructure Management

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G6’s mission is to build and maintain a robust IT infrastructure that helps your business thrive. Network infrastructure management allows you to focus on your business needs while G6 handles core information technology and network duties.

Protect your network with our unbeatable network management services.

Cohesive Managed Network Infrastructure

Successful network infrastructure management comes down to creating a cohesive network of devices, hardware and software, servers, and platforms acting as one together within your IT architecture. G6’s network infrastructure management not only designs and implements your network but monitors its functions to ensure you’re maximizing its capabilities.

Properly managed network infrastructure produces worry-free business processes that keep your daily focus on core business functions and responsibilities. Break/fix methods of handling IT infrastructure result in costly downtime and lost productivity. With G6 as your partner, you can rest assured your network is a centralized operation protecting the information and data flowing through your systems.

  • The service of G6 is beyond words. To encounter IT professionals who have the knowledge and ability to address and resolve all of the IT issues this business encounters is invaluable.

    Gordon and Associates, Bluffton, IN

What Does Managed Network Infrastructure Include?

G6’s network infrastructure management includes implementing, maintaining, and monitoring of:

  • Network software: security applications, operating systems, firewalls, data access applications, email, messaging channels, communication applications, and more.
  • Network hardware: gateways, routers, switches, bridges, repeaters, repeater hubs, wireless access points, cabling, printers, computers, wireless routers, LAN cards, switches, printers, and more.
  • Network services: development, gathering information, connecting internal and external equipment between multiple organizations, and adherence to compliance requirements.

Benefits of Network Infrastructure Management

G6’s managed network infrastructure services get the most out of your operating systems and technology. Along with industry-leading response times and streamlined troubleshooting services, you also experience:

  • The highest level of network security to limit and prevent cyberattacks, malware, breaches, data theft, and viruses.
  • Enhanced performance of operating systems that leads to increased productivity from your employees.
  • Predictable costs, reduced overhead, and detailed budget planning. Increased preparedness to handle issues and prevent downtime.

Your Partner In the Trenches

G6’s network infrastructure management places us directly beside you as a partner invested in your success. Reach out today to find out how our managed network infrastructure services can improve your bottom line, increase efficiency, and enhance your network security.

Tactical Remote Server Management

One of the most critical elements of network infrastructure management is keeping your servers running smoothly. G6’s remote server management bridges gaps between servers and operating systems, applications, hardware, and software to create a seamless network.

Rather than investing in management tools, extra staff, and the time it takes to plan for potential problems, turn to G6’s remote server management. For a fraction of the cost of training and onboarding new employees, G6 provides:

  • A highly skilled and experienced group of remote administrators to ensure the success of your information technology.
  • Data backup and recovery to ensure you have remote access to your critical data when you need it most.
  • Proactive network maintenance tasks like patching and antivirus management to ensure your servers are running at peak performance.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your data centers and network components to make sure unauthorized users aren’t accessing your information and data.
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    Cybersecurity Services

    G6’s army of cybersecurity experts protects the frontlines of your operating systems to secure your data and information.

Structured IT Network Maintenance

As your IT network maintenance provider, G6 does whatever it takes to keep your network running full throttle. We schedule your patches, updates, and other services during off-hours whenever possible, so they don’t create downtime for your operation.

Our maintenance services go beyond simply installing and configuring hardware and software. We plan for future network growth and proactively seek ways to improve. G6 employs automated technology, such as self-healing services, to keep your software updated without delay.

Routine maintenance tasks include securing your network against various threats and ensuring both company and regulatory compliance. G6 does this by implementing firewalls, VPNs, and other security measures.

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