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Providing tactical Microsoft 365 support, migration and integration

There are several reasons businesses choose to move to the cloud, but one thing is sure—it is no longer an issue of if you should integrate or migrate, but when. G6 is a Microsoft cloud solution provider that ensures the process of integrating or migrating to the Microsoft 365 cloud is as straightforward as possible.

Experts in the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

One of the elements that make the United States Armed Forces so effective and powerful is efficiency. Each branch derives maximum power from the resources available to them. G6’s cloud management services help your company do exactly that using industry-leading Microsoft 365 cloud technology.

Unfortunately, many companies still shy away from migrating to Microsoft 365 because they lack the know-how and resources to prepare and execute an effective migration path. Using tactical planning and hands-on experience, G6 seamlessly performs:

  • Email migrations, including IMAP migrations
  • Data migrations
  • Application migrations

Once G6 builds your infrastructure, we efficiently migrate your operations to Microsoft 365. The cloud gives you instant access to vital information and data, applications, and communication tools anytime and anywhere from any device you allow access to. With the work-from-home business model expanding rapidly, 365 is the ideal solution for organizations looking to keep their remote staff working as an army of one.

  • G6 does a great job on following up and making sure that our company is satisfied with their services.

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When to Migrate to Microsoft 365

At G6, we think the time for any business to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 cloud is now. The time is suitable if you:

  • Want to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Face competition already using Microsoft 365 cloud.
  • Have cloud-reliant B2B clients suffering from your lack of real-time data and information-sharing capabilities.
  • Have outdated software that requires updating or is no longer supported.
  • Need to overhaul or update your technology information infrastructure.
  • Want to increase your IT capabilities while reducing your operational costs for maintenance, support, and infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Support

G6 delivers unmatched Microsoft 365 support to our partners. Whether it’s administrators, developers, end-users, or executives, every user account has access to our expertise. We offer out-of-the-box customization or even take-over support duties from providers whose services have let you down.

Migrations and management are not for the inexperienced. G6’s Microsoft 365 customer service ensures you have a partner ready to provide solutions in your times of need. While that is quite literally the job of anyone in this field, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by treating you as a partner. We know our success is dependent on your success; that is why when you have an issue, we handle it the exact way we would address the problem if it were happening to us.

Your Trusted Business Partner

You’ve likely heard horror stories about companies trying to migrate or integrate themselves to the cloud, only to end up far worse than when they started. G6’s experience and military-grade problem solving quickly and efficiently move your email systems, applications, and information to Microsoft 365 cloud software. Reach out today to find out more about how we combine the power of Microsoft Office with the efficiency of cloud computing.

On-Site Tech Support In Times of Need

When G6 migrates your business to Microsoft 365 cloud, you can immediately take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Expanded communication channels: No matter where you are, you can connect with your colleagues via Teams messaging and teleconferencing applications. The centralized platform also allows users to share mailboxes, contacts, documents, and calendars to more easily collaborate.
  • Constant access to data and information: When you migrate to Microsoft 365, your critical information is easily accessible through the cloud on any device with an internet connection.
  • Enhanced security for data storage: One of the essential safety measures of an organization is protecting your data. G6’s cybersecurity services and Office 365 migrations provide the layers of protection you need to leave security concerns behind.
  • Automated backup and recovery: The information you store in the cloud is routinely backed up. That means if your hardware is destroyed or disaster strikes, you can keep core business functions in service with remote access to all your cloud-stored data while your business continuity plan is being executed.
  • Predictable budgeting: Office 365 is a subscription-based service, so you have control of your spending. G6’s Microsoft 365 support services help you choose only the products, applications, and licenses required to operate, ensuring you’re not paying for IT that you don’t need or use. Even better, updates and upgrades are automatically installed at no extra cost because Microsoft includes updates in your subscription.
    Scalability: Microsoft 365 cloud is fully scalable to meet the needs of your growing business or easily dialed back to accommodate industry trends.

Using Microsoft Azure WithMicrosoft 365 Cloud Solutions

Paid Microsoft 365 subscriptions include a powerful active directory named Azure. Using Azure within your Microsoft 365 cloud software helps you manage groups and user accounts as well as integrate applications for your customized Office 365. It also simplifies syncing passwords and setting up single sign-on capabilities in the cloud.

Azure is just one of the many ways G6 helps our clients maximize their investment when migrating to Microsoft 365.

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    Cloud Compliance

    If you operate in an industry that demands regulatory compliance, migrating to the cloud can help enhance your cybersecurity. Find out more about our compliance services.

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