Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees with cybersecurity awareness training

Every business has their own vulnerabilities, but there’s one security weakness every company shares—their employees. With cybersecurity awareness training, you can minimize this vulnerability and keep your company secure.

What is a Security Awareness Training?

All it takes is one successful cyberattack to bring a company’s operations to a halt, which is why cybersecurity should always be a top priority for any business. However, technology on its own can only do so much.

Cybercriminals know that employees are the easiest way to gain access to a secure network. Since the human factor plays such a crucial role in securing your business, education is the best solution for fixing the problem. Security awareness training arms your workforce with the information they need.

A security training and threat awareness program is one way to make sure that everyone at your organization is on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity risks. It’s also used as a way to establish a sense of responsibility among your employees. It involves learning about:

  • Organizational security policies
  • Security threats like malware and phishing
  • The employee’s role in the equation

Training With G6 – Military Grade IT

G6 IT is the most trusted source for cybersecurity awareness training for employees. We work with you to implement a thorough program designed to educate your workforce. Through our phishing tests, your employees have the opportunity to safely apply their training in a realistic scenario. The better your staff understands how to identify cyberthreats and the steps on how to avoid them, the more secure your company is.

Why Is It

The average employee isn’t aware of the cyber risks targeting their company; even less know what to do when they run into a threat. It’s not enough to only rely on firewalls, antivirus software, and monitoring services. If you want to protect the sensitive data your organization holds, your staff has to take an active role in threat prevention and mitigation.

Keep Your Soldiers Well Trained

G6 – Military Grade IT uses military-grade IT solutions to enhance your business. Train your team to fight against cyberthreats with our security awareness program.

Benefits of Security Awareness

Security awareness training makes sure that everyone is engaged and taking an active part in your threat mitigation strategy. In addition to improved security, here are a few other benefits you can expect:

  • Security-Focused Culture: If you want your workers to take security seriously, it’s important to build a culture around it. Regular training communicates to your team how much the company values security.
  • Workforce Empowerment: Your employees should be able to feel confident in their interactions with company data. If they are aware of what phishing or other threats look like, they won’t second guess their actions.
  • Downtime Prevention: Falling victim to a cyberattack often results in lengthy downtime. An employee who can spot a cybersecurity threat when they see one can avoid the need to have their equipment investigated and cleaned.
  • Increase Adoption: After taking awareness courses, your employees are going to understand how serious cyber risks are. This leads to a greater desire to adopt security practices.
  • Stay Compliant: Many industries require businesses to meet certain security regulations. Teaching your staff on how to stay compliant not only helps them avoid violating compliance, but it may also be a part of compliance itself.
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    Customized Solutions

    We understand that every business is different. A solution that works for one business may not work for yours. That’s why we work closely with your company to develop a customized program that makes sense for your organizational needs. Our main mission is to increase organizational understanding around cyberthreats and practical implementation of security best practices.

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