Managed Wireless Services

When you need to protect your network, we can deploy the secure wi-fi services you need

In today’s business world, you need the ability to get up from your desk and still be connected to the internet. Wi-Fi gives you and your employees access to your company’s network regardless of where you are in the office. However, your wireless solution needs to be safe and reliable for optimal productivity. With managed wireless services from G6 – Military Grade IT, you can achieve your network goals with safe and secure wi-fi.

What are Managed Wireless Services?

The ability to wirelessly connect to your network isn’t just convenient, but essential for modern businesses. Whether you’re in the boardroom, lobby, or even a couple feet away from your workstation, Wi-Fi allows you to stay productive. The only problem is that a poorly managed wireless solution can introduce security risks and other issues.

If you’re concerned about the performance and security of your network, then you need managed wireless services. Managed wireless services allow you to outsource the management of your Wi-Fi. At G6 – Military Grade IT, we oversee the operation and upkeep of your Wi-Fi. This includes tasks like designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading your Wi-Fi network.

A well-managed Wi-Fi system delivers a strong wireless connection that provides seamless access. As a result, you spend less time trying to figure out why your signal is so weak and more time getting things done.

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Business Wireless Network Security

Managed wireless services are great for increasing Wi-Fi performance and reliability, but that’s not the only reason to use this solution. G6’s managed wireless services include secure Wi-Fi service. Our wireless security prevents data theft, unauthorized access, and damage caused by malware.

We protect your wireless connection with a variety of security measures, including:

  • Firewalls: Our team helps you establish a strong security foundation with an effective firewall. This firewall can stop unauthorized access while ensuring network availability.
  • Intrusion Protection: We use advanced tools to detect threats, allowing us to stop attacks before they happen.
  • Content Filtering: The internet is full of cyberthreats hiding behind content that seems harmless. We monitor and filter any online content that could potentially harm your network.
  • Data Encryption: You need to be able to share, communicate, and collaborate without having to worry about someone spying on your activity. That’s why we encrypt your data to keep it private. Even if a hacker does find a way into your network, they’re unable to view any data because of the encryption.

These solutions give you maximum protection without impacting the performance of your network.

What Does Secure Wi-Fi Service Defend Against?

Our managed wireless services are designed to fight off various forms of cyberthreats. For example, working with us can protect you from:

  • Denial of Service: This is a simple type of cyberattack that limits access to services on a wireless network by sending an enormous amount of traffic at a target. This traffic overwhelms the machine and disrupts service.
  • Rogue Access: When a hacker sets up an access point in the range of your Wi-Fi, that’s known as a rogue access point. This false network can be used to trick employees, business partners, or customers into logging into the wrong network, where the hacker can steal information.
  • Passive Capture: Passive capturing is the act of “listening” to data traffic in a network and capturing the information. A hacker can do this by getting around your security settings or analyzing non-secure traffic.

Your security is our top priority at G6 – Military Grade IT. We use everything in our arsenal to defend you from these and any other cyberthreats.

We Act as Your Frontline in the Battle Against Cyberthreats

Your data is one of your company’s most important assets—don’t let it fall into the hands of the enemy. G6 marches with you to fight off any security threats that come your way, with safe and secure wi-fi.

Benefits of Managed Wireless Services

When you use our managed wireless services, we take the responsibility of overseeing the performance, maintenance, and protection of your network off your shoulders. With your Wi-Fi in the hands of experienced professionals, you can more easily reach your goals for seamless access, strong internet signals, and connection security.

By partnering with G6, your organization will gain benefits like:

  • Hassle-Free Access: The days of stressing out about network downtime and accessibility demands from users are over. We customize your Wi-Fi to maximize uptime and accommodate all users.
  • Lower Costs: Enterprise grade Wi-Fi is expensive, and even more so when used improperly. We leverage our in-depth knowledge to offer the best pricing for long-term licenses and support.
  • Heightened Security: Opening up a network to a large group of people can lead to security gaps. From monitoring to intrusion protection, we make sure those gaps are closed.
  • Improved Visibility: With managed wireless services, you reach an unprecedented level of visibility and control over your entire network, allowing you to make more informed decisions.
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