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Create a private network that allows your employees to connect securely with secure VPN service from G6 IT

These days, you can’t confidently conduct business without a comprehensive cybersecurity program. In addition to firewalls, monitoring, and assessments, a thorough cybersecurity program should include a virtual private network (VPN) solution. Our secure VPN service allows our clients to establish secure connections between their on-premises networks and remote devices.

What is a Managed VPN Solution?

A managed VPN not only provides a high level of data integrity and protection, but also takes the burden of management off your shoulders. Our secure VPN for business solution, takes care of the design, configuration, and management of the firewall responsible for keeping your VPN secure. This provides secure communication channels for individual users, groups, and remote offices.

Why You Need a Managed VPN

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, and your business has sensitive information not meant to be seen or accessed by outsiders. When employees browse the web or perform transactions on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, they could be exposing this information and revealing their browsing habits.

With a managed VPN, you give your employees the ability to secure their devices in an encrypted network. The anonymity provided by this private network protects your employees as they send emails, access documents, or communicate over video.

How Do VPNs Work?

When a VPN is activated, a data tunnel is created between your local network and an exit node in a data center. These data centers can be located anywhere in the world. Any activity you perform within the VPN is linked to the server’s IP address, instead of the IP address you’re actually using. Additionally, any data that’s sent over the VPN is encrypted, making the data unreadable to eavesdroppers.

Work in Complete Privacy
Wherever you Go

Our managed secure VPN service provides additional security, support from highly experienced professionals, and a lot more, allowing you to work securely from anywhere.

Benefits of G6’s Managed VPN Services

When you use our managed VPN services, you have access to both site-to-site and remote access VPNs.
These solutions include:


  • IPsec Connections: Use a policy-based VPN to connect with small networks.
  • Tunnel Interface: This is a route-based VPN that allows users to safely connect with large, dynamic networks.
  • SSL VPN: A secure sockets layer (SSL) private network helps you establish a connection between two Sophos Firewall devices in a client-server configuration.
  • RED: A remote ethernet device solution links your branch offices to the head office with a two-layer connection. This allows your branch office to act as an extended network.
  • Firewall RED: We can configure Sophos Firewall to act as an endpoint for RED tunnels.

Remote Access

  • IPsec: With IPsec, you can connect remote devices to a network through Sophos Connect
  • SSL VPN: Connect remote devices to a network with Sophos Connect or a legacy SSL VPN client.
  • Clientless Access: With this solution, you can access internal, restricted resources through a browser.
  • PPTP: Point-to-point tunneling protocol creates a secure tunnel for communication across a LAN or WAN link.
  • L2TP: Layer two tunneling protocol (L2PT) acts as an extension of point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP), which saves you on dial-up costs and overhead for remotely connecting with your office.

What Does Our Managed VPN Hide?

As your service provider, we’re dedicated to upholding the security of your business and the anonymity of your online actions. That’s why we configure your VPN to deliver the utmost privacy for your protection. Our managed VPN can help your employees hide:

  • Browsing History: Your internet service provider (ISP) and your web browser can track most of the things you do on the internet. Many websites also have the ability to keep a history of your visits. Our VPN prevents these entities from collecting data on you.
  • IP Addresses: The problem with IP addresses is if anyone knows your address, they can use it to access what you’ve been searching and to find where you’re located. It’s almost like the return address you use on a letter, but this address leads to your device. The VPN we provide masks your IP address, making it appear as an address that’s not your own.
  • Web Activity: What you and your employees do online should only be your business. Outsiders shouldn’t be able to take peaks at your web activity. Our VPN shields your activity from prying eyes, allowing you to keep sensitive information private.
  • Devices: When you log onto a public network, anyone else who’s connected to the same network can see your device. Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, or phone, your hardware can be prime targets for cybercrime. A VPN protects the data you send and receive, hiding your devices from malicious actors.

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