Network Audit

Don’t Assume Your Network Is Secure

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Did you know that businesses everywhere face the consistent threat of data breaches? The cost of a data breach isn’t something the average business can handle, much less the recovery costs, which can be significantly more expensive than the cyber incident itself.

If you want to minimize risk to your organization, partnering with network security professionals to perform a network security audit is a critical step you can’t ignore.

Our white paper covers how a network audit:

  • Reveals existing problems within your infrastructure.
  • Helps maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Limits business risk.

Don’t become a cybercrime statistic. Secure your assets by learning more about network audits today!


Your Company Is At Risk, and So Is Your Money. Here’s Why:

of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees
of small businesses have customer data that could be compromised in an attack
of cybersecurity incidents at SMBs cost between $826 and $653,587

Why Getting a Network Audit Matters

Data breaches not only pose a financial burden but also jeopardize trust and reputation. That's why taking proactive steps, like getting a network security audit, is essential. A network audit pinpoints potential risks and weaknesses within your infrastructure.

Moreover, maintaining regulatory compliance, whether it's HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes-Oxley, is vital for legal adherence and reputation management. Understanding where your network is susceptible gives you the tools you need to strengthen your cyber defenses effectively.

So what now? Download the G6 Network Audit White Paper to learn more about the importance of getting a network audit for your organization. You’ll discover the 3 critical benefits of a network audit and learn the next steps to secure your business.