Discover the True Cost of Data Loss

Should You Be Concerned?

Yes, but there are preventative steps to take

Losing data in your business can come in more than one form and level of severity. Some events can be small and easily fixable. Others can be more severe and take weeks to repair.

As businesses and the economy become more and more dependent on data, today’s organizational leaders need to take this seriously.

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How Serious Is Losing Data?

  • $137 to $427 per minute

    Cost of losing data for small businesses

  • $18,000 to $35,000

    Total costs of small loss
    (fewer than 100 files)

  • $150

    Cost per record stolen in a data breach

Data Breach vs. Data Loss

The terminology can be confusing, but here’s what you need to know:

  • Data breaches occur when unauthorized individuals or systems gain illicit access to data, copying or stealing it.
  • Data loss, on the other hand, pertains to data that has been destroyed, deleted or gone missing.

During a data breach, security measures are compromised, allowing external parties to obtain access to sensitive data. This data is often discreetly copied rather than destroyed, enabling cybercriminals to later sell it to other illicit groups. Like the term implies, in a loss scenario, the data is irretrievably gone.

Although data breaches and loss represent distinct events, they can sometimes intersect. For instance, data breaches may involve the destruction of data post-theft. Threats like ransomware, which encrypt and effectively destroy data, are sometimes categorized as breaches due to their ability to bypass security protocols.

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