Do You Know the 18 Business Cyber Security Essentials? We Have a Checklist!

Business cyber security essentials checklist

You’ve likely seen the stories on the news, that a big company announced a cyber attack was launched on their business. Now, you may be thinking “Luckily, my business is small enough to avoid those.” Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Here is a shocking statistic: 46% of small businesses experienced cyber attacks in 2023. The attacks are continually increasing in the number of occurrences and the amount of money it costs businesses of all sizes.  

There are 18 business cyber security essentials you need to implement to keep your business safe. Download the checklist we’ve created with the controls established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). 

Want a Sneak Peek? Here are Three of the Business Cyber Security Essentials

With cyberattacks on the rise it is only becoming more and more necessary to have a robust cybersecurity posture. Here are three ways to increase your security. 

Business Cyber Security Essential #1: Keep Software Updated

Updating your software up-to-date doesn’t only mean getting the latest and greatest features, it also means ensuring any holes in the security are patched. This includes software and operating systems your employee uses. Ensure updates are done as soon as possible after release.

Business Cyber Security Essential #2: Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Does the extra step of receiving a code feel like too much work? It is one of the easiest and best ways to keep unauthorized users out of your account. If they don’t have access to your phone or email, hackers won’t be able to gain access.

Business Cyber Security Essential #3: Encrypt Sensitive Data 

You can use encryption software to protect your organization’s sensitive data both during transit (during the email-sending process) and at rest (stored on your device or cloud). Encryption ensures your data is private and secure

The Best is Yet to Come

We couldn’t give away all of our business cyber security essentials. Luckily, we have a handy checklist with all the information ready for you to download. If you need help implementing these cyber security essentials into your business, schedule a call with our cyber security and IT experts to get started.

Download the Checklist

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